Hotel Engineers Association

HEA – SL is a platform for hospitality industry Engineers to come together and to discuss their experiences, share latest news and provide advice specific to the hospitality industry. By meeting periodically, HEA members are able to enhance their knowledge and grow in their specialty and benefit the industry and its professionals.

Meetings are to be held monthly on an agreed venue. At these meetings new members are introduced, knowledge is shared, job openings are made aware, products and service providers are given an opportunity to communicate matters of interest in the industry.

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Emphasis member ideas about our organization and know the importance of the Hotel Engineers Association from the members.

HEA is a professional body which helps  each other,  specially by sharing knowledge with vast knowledgeable Engineers who are in the hospitality industry since  many years. Being a  member in HEA you are fortunate to have tremendous support from our team. Tourism is one of major income  source  in Sri Lanka to develop our country. Therefore, as an engineer  we have a responsibility to provide best service to the customers by maintaining the property and implementing most efficient and sustainable initiatives to protect the environment.


Mr. Dilan Sanjeewa

HEA Member

Establishing Hotel Engineers Association of Sri Lanka is a need of the hour. Tourism sector plays a vital role on the GDP of Sri Lanka and as such, the contribution of HEA will have a major impact for the development of the country. I m sure that all member Engineers will contribute for this worthy cause by imparting their knowledge and experience to a great extent. This was a dream came through and hats off to all Engineers who laid the foundation and established the HEA as a recognized and legally accepted professional association of the country. Solid constitute of HEA governs the way forward and I wish all the success in all future endeavors!


Mr. Bulegoda

Lieutenant Commander ( Engineer ), Rtd, SL Navy

Hotel Engineers Association was a long overdue requirement of hotel industry in Sri Lanka. First and foremost I must appreciate efforts of the pioneers who laid foundation stones to establish the association then who were involved in strengthening the organization in the recent past. This is a platform where hotel engineers share their experiences and technical know-how, latest technologies available, lessons learned and networking. Furthermore organizing skills training and seminar sessions organized also commendable. On top of many other implementations the web site is the latest addition for the association. I thank HEA Website design team for their time and efforts on creating this web site. I wish the association all the very best and extend my support in many more years to come.


Mr. Srilal Palihakkara

HEA Member